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Here, at your disposal, is a collection of industry professionals who understand the gamut of challenges you face
every day. Tap into our comprehensive nationwide database of preferred and qualified architects, engineers,
consultants and contractors. Internally, our discipline pool includes contractors, architects, designers, real estate professionals, civil engineers, urban planners and accountants. We can relate to every conceivable situation
you’ll encounter, and offer only no-nonsense, unbiased, transparent solutions that get the job done. Every time.

Fred Tuck
Founder and Principal

The Maverick team is led by owner Fred Tuck. Formerly a partner at NAI Global Project Management Group, Fred brings an intimate knowledge and expertise in the commercial, residential, retail, telecommunications, hospitality and insurance restoration industries to Maverick with nearly 45 years in the business. In fact, Fred IS the maverick behind the company – its unmistakably hands-on, no B.S., cut-to-the-chase approach is classic Fred.

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Tammy Grimes

Tammy is a former Big 4 auditor working in several US Offices and in London where she worked on large multi-national Fortune 500 companies in a number of industries. She spent significant time evaluating internal controls of companies in various industries, worked extensively on fraud and forensic cases and was involved with several acquisition and divestiture transactions. Tammy manages all auditing, accounting and capital tracking for Maverick Management.

Lyerly Spongberg
Sr Design Director, PM

Lyerly’s professional background is a mix of interior design, graphic design, marketing and branding. After developing her diverse skill set and owning her own company for over 25 years, she joined Maverick as the Design Director. Lyerly oversees the interior design and creative direction on all projects including hospitality, multi-family, retail and commercial assets. She brings vision, discipline and organization to all things creative at Maverick Management Group.

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Yishen Liu
Project Manager

Yishen Liu has an MS in Electrical Engineering and is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance and Management. For the past six years Yishen has worked as an engineer with a focus on project management and owner's representation. He has design experience in both Electrical and Communications systems, and has worked on various commercial real estate projects across the US and internationally, transportation, facility and infrastructure projects in the Greater New York Area, aviation projects nationally and building projects in Asia.

Peter Brassard
Project Manager

Peter has architectural, urban design and planning expertise. Over the last 20 years, he worked for Costas Kondylis and Partners, and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill architecture firms, where he conducted feasibility studies and developed architectural and planning designs for residential, commercial, and large-scale urban projects. As a project manager with Maverick, Peter focuses on land-use analysis.

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