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Hannibal II, Dortmund Germany

Challenge - Represent the owner during remediation and renovation of a 412 unit, 16 story, apartment building constructed in 1975. The building, whose 800 occupants were evacuated by the city due to "fire safety reasons," has stood vacant since September of 2017. Work includes the remediation of fire deficiencies, upgrading of the building's energy systems and re-landscaping. 

Maverick Solution - Identify potential long lead issues and budget, scheduling conflicts. Work in tandem with the local architect, design and construction team to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Result - Construction is scheduled to begin on this project in March of 2023.

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 2.32.02 PM.png
West Chang'an, Beijing China

Challenge - Manage the construction of a 20 story apartment building out of the ground in Beijing China, from Connecticut. This current ongoing project has been hindered by COVID lockdowns, material and supply chain delays and labor shortages.

Maverick Solution - Through constant contact with the local construction team, Maverick is working strategically to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Result - After multiple COVID lockdowns and labor shortages, the project is scheduled to be completed in February, 2023 with the first tenants moving in soon afterward.

475 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY

Challenge - Restore the 100 year-old façade of a landmark building to a SAFE designation under New York City FISP compliance regulations. Work considered the neighboring owners' license agreements, subjective interpretations of existing conditions and the restrictive regulatory environment.

Maverick Solution - Through the creation and implementation of a tightly managed schedule with milestone dates for deliverables, inspections and approvals, Maverick once again delivered.

Result - After 10 years, the sidewalk bridge is finally down, the owner and neighbors are happy and the building is SAFE.

Romo Repairs 2018.jpg
CPM King.jpg
Crowne Plaza, Melbourne Beach FL

Challenge - Remediate and completely renovate 220+ hotel rooms in two separate towers damaged by Hurricane Irma with as minimal business interruption as possible.

Maverick Solution - Start to finish, Maverick managed all aspects of interior and exterior emergency remediation, design, brand relations, purchasing, installation and build-back, all while maintaining available guest rooms and minimizing displacement of service or revenue.

Result - The 12 month project included all new fresh, modern guest rooms & bathrooms. The property was sold by the owner for profit immediately after completion of the project. 

Village / Estates at East Riverside, Austin TX

Challenge - Renovate two leasing offices, two clubhouses, two pools, two fitness centers and two sets of model apartments for two student housing complexes near the University of Texas.

Maverick Solution - End-to-end, we managed all aspects of design, architecture, approvals, permitting, construction, value engineering, purchasing and installation for both properties.

Result - The successful renovation of both properties launched a hugely successful re-leasing campaign for 2020.

Embassy Suites, Boca Raton FL

Challenge - Gut renovation of 265 hotel rooms and corridors including infrastructure and HVAC improvements over 3 distinct phases.

Maverick Solution - MMG worked 24/7 to complete the project and anticipate ​any and all bumps along the way.

Result - The year long project included new carpet, modern & updated bathrooms, updated HVAC and new mechanical systems. The property was sold shortly after completion.

Grange Restaurant and Bar at the Citizen
Grange Restaurant & Bar, Sacramento CA

Challenge - Renovate a cherished, iconic bar and hip restaurant in Sacramento's Citizen Hotel.

Maverick Solution - Working with a local designer, Maverick pre-planned the extensive renovation for months. With a very tight, compressed renovation/construction schedule, we tried to anticipate all unforeseen conflicts and conditions to keep the project on target in every aspect.

Result - The modernized Grange boasts new flooring and lighting, an expanded bar area, additional seating on two floors and the addition of a semi-private chef's table room, all in 16 days!

Tryp by Wyndham - New York NY
Tryp Times Square, New York NY

Challenge - Rebrand the existing Best Western to a TRYP Hotel in the heart of Manhattan’s Times Square, in eight months.

Maverick Solution - Acting as owner’s representative, we provided project oversight, coordinated design, construction and occupancy with minimal displacement of revenue. The project was completed on time and under budget.

Result - The rebranded hotel opened under the TRYP flag in March 2015 with a completely new look.

Grohe Showroom - New York NY
Grohe Live Showroom, New York NY

Challenge - Create a 15,000 SF interactive modern showroom - utilizing existing office space - in Manhattan's Flatiron District. Must-haves: multiple functioning wet features, bathroom and kitchen vignettes, corporate offices, plus a training center.

Maverick Solution - From concept through installation, we managed architects, engineers, design, capital, risk management, even the high-pressure pumps and secondary/tertiary water-proofing.

Result - A state-of-the-art interactive showroom that was received to critical acclaim and public applause – all completed on time and under budget.

RIMB firepit-3-3.jpg
Residence Inn, Manhattan Beach CA

Challenge - Demolish and rebuild the hotel's gatehouse, renovate 176 rooms and suites and add a new pool  - all while maintaining displaced concierge & guest services, including food and beverage.

Maverick Solution - On premise, we created a temporary kitchen inside a trailer and party tent - complete with AC, AV and a patio. Guests were never inconvenienced and felt as if the property were 100% functional. A unique and effective value-add solution warmly appreciated by the ownership.

Result - The hotel had minimum displacement of service or revenue - and the guest experience was fully maintained. Bonus: the project was completed on under budget.

Bethesda Medical Center, Bethesda MD
Bethesda Medical Center - Bethesda MD

Challenge - With no impact on tenants or support staff, provide a full roof recovery, replace 50+ rooftop HVAC units, plus upgrade all public spaces for 160,000 SF medical facility offering 24/7.

Maverick Solution - Maverick managed the design and installation of new signage and renovation of lobbies and common areas throughout the property.

Result - The property was immediately sold by the owner for profit.

XO Communications Data Center - New York
XO Communications, New York NY

Challenge - Build out a 50,000-square-foot ColoSpace data center, ensuring precise atmospheric compliance required for high-tech facilities.

Maverick Solution - We installed 900 tons of rooftop chillers on the premiere data center building,
111 8th Avenue in Manhattan, while managing all aspects of construction and installation.

Result - A successful and 100% compliant data center – complete with redundancy systems for all fiber optics, backup power and cooling technologies.

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